Boys Adventure In Doncaster With Bawtry Paintball And Laser Fields

Whether you’re looking to celebrate with a lads weekend, or want to do a bit of father and son bonding, Doncaster makes a perfect base for a boys weekend of adventure.

A star attraction is masked by the tall trees of Bawtry Forest: the exciting Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields.

Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields

Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields are a fantastic place to experience the thrill of paintball.

What sets Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields apart are the awesome scenarios that have been created to enjoy this sport. Here, you don’t just run around the trees, you actively take part in adventures, trying to defend, save or attack.

Scenarios include Air Supremacy, where you will be part of a crack team sent to destroy the enemy’s control tower and command posts; Black Hawk Down, where tactical play is the key to protecting your injured crew and securing the area from enemy forces; and MIA Commando Special Ops, where you must rescue a member of your special ops team.

How about Ewok Invasion for the Star Wars fans? A deadly Rage virus has swept through the furry folk, and the Ewok are now a vicious and lethal danger that you must keep contained through a maze of tree top towers. Another popular scenario is the medieval themed Castle Assault, in which you must defend your castle from the attacker Richard the Lionheart.

The big draw is the most fearsome warrior in the Universe himself: The Predator. At a random point during your day the Predator will be unleashed. Your weapons can do nothing to hurt him, so you have only one option for survival: stay as perfectly still as you can. If you move, the Predator’s fully automatic LCD Plasma Cannons will find you.

If you don’t fancy Paintball then Laser Combat may be for you. There are no bruises when you get hit by other players, but the adrenaline runs just as high and you can adventure on the same scenarios.

You need bring nothing more to Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields than a pair of sturdy shoes and a good aim, as guns and any amour needed can be rented, and paintball pellets, food and drink purchased with your ticket. If there are just a couple of you then head to the fields on the weekend, as you can be grouped with other soldiers of fortune.

Boys About Town

Tie in your trip to Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields with a boys weekend in Doncaster itself.

If you’re still feeling the pull of adventure after your trip to the fields, head to Doncaster Dome. The Dome has over 50 sports, leisure and entertainment activities, all housed under one roof. The Amazonia Adventure is a tropical rainforest set multi-pool playground of geysers, fountains, slides and jets. If you want to try out a spin on the ice, head to the Ice Caps skating rinks. If you’re in the mood for more sport then book a session of squash, five a side football, or table tennis. The Dome also houses a couple of cafes, and regularly hosts one-off entertainments like stand up, wrestling and concerts.

Walk to the nearby Lakeside Village Store Directory if you fancy treating yourself to some new clothes or shoes from well-known labels at up to 60% off.

Visit the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum on the site of the old Doncaster Airport to see a great range of aircraft. The museum displays historic aircraft from the first airshow in Britain, held in Doncaster in 1909, alongside modern jets, helicopters, light aircraft and more. There are also special interactive exhibits to use, and the museum is open all year.

Doncaster is home to a number of great eateries, from popular big names like KFC, Pizza Hut and Frankie & Benny’s to local pubs and restaurants. We recommend visiting Mumbai The Restaurant in nearby Stainforth, which serves excellent Indian dishes and is a perfect venue whether you’re in a small or large group.

Where to Stay

Relax after your adventure in the Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields with a stay in the comfortable Park Inn by Radisson Doncaster Hotel. Our modern rooms offer flat-screen television and high speed internet access, and you can prepare for your day in the fields by fuelling yourself at our full breakfast buffet.

Do you think Predator is the best baddie Arnie has fought?