Surfing and coffee: Krakow’s best Wi-Fi cafes

The former Polish capital of Krakow is full of charm and allure. Its historic city center is a UNESCO protected heritage site, but the coolest haunts are still modern enough to appeal to the tech savvy traveler.

When you’re traveling on your own, top priorities are usually simple: a reliable WIFI connection and a drink that hits the spot. We’ve pulled together our favorite spots for both in Krakow so you won’t have to go searching.

Cupcake Corner


This authentic American eatery in the heart of Krakow promises the best coffee in Poland. Bold. It’s a tall order. But since these guys were the first in Krakow to offer freshly roasted organic Fair Trade coffee, aren’t you inclined to believe them? And nothing pairs better with a fresh cup of java than one of their delicious cupcakes. The rich chocolate confetti cake with buttercream frosting and multicolored candy toppings is an everyday hit, but if you’re in town on a Wednesday or Thursday, look out for the tasty grasshopper cupcake filled with mint chocolate ganache. They’ve got three locations scattered around town, all bright and airy enough to get some last minute work in before that big meeting. 

Cafe Indalo


If you find yourself wandering from our Park Inn by Radisson Krakow Hotel towards the Vistula and across the Most Debnicki Bridge, you might just stumble across this hidden gem. Known for their authentic Italian coffee – their café latte, delicately sweetened with honey, is a particular winner – the gallery-cum-cafe is a quirky and colorful spot to check your email – or more likely, update your Instagram feed. If you’re up for a round of post-conference networking, this cafe has loads of character to offer a few fun icebreakers. Try one of their spiced beers or an authentic Polish offering like the traditional Tyskie or Jabłonowo, a local craft brew.

Kladka Cafe


Another spot near the river, Kladka is a cozy hideaway to hole up with your laptop. Furnished with antiques and decorated by murals splashed across the dark taupe walls, it’s a hipster hangout with a serious coffee menu. This cafe is named for the nearby footbridge in the historic neighborhood of Kazimierz, an easy stroll from Krakow’s old town. It’s surrounded by equally trendy bars on Mostowa, so consider meeting here if you’re planning a night out with the colleagues. 



This unique cafe is sure to leave a lasting impression. Take a seat on one of the swings – yes, playground-worthy swings suspended from the ceiling by thick coils of rope – while you wait for your coffee. If you’re staying a while, try to grab a spot at one of the repurposed cable reel tables. The cavernous interiors offer the perfect balance of atmospheric lighting and comfy chairs with solid wooden tables under the large cut-out windows in front. Whether you’re getting some quiet work in or arranging a business coffee, Esze is a solid choice.