Belgian Beer Weekend: 400 types of delicious beer are waiting for you in Brussels!

Between 1-3 September, the annual Belgian Beer Weekend, in Brussels, welcomes beer lovers from all over the world to enjoy a great diversity of beverages offered from an impressive 180 breweries.

Just before autumn knocks on the door, enthusiasts and brewers come together to celebrate Belgium’s proud beer culture at the Belgian Beer Weekend, which is organised each year by Knighthood of the Brewers.

Served from traditional beer carts

The event is situated at the UNESCO listed Grand Place in the heart of Brussels. During which, the main square will be surrounded with traditional beer carts and a large, beer-loving crowd just for the occasion. Costumed Belgians, portraying soldiers from a long ago past, guard the outside of the Belgium Brewers – Museum, while joyful groups of jazz musicians entertain the beer-thirsty crowd.

A selection of 400 different beer types

Throughout the weekend, beer lovers can appreciate a remarkable selection of 400 different types of tasty local beers offered from micro, medium and large scale breweries. In other words, you can be sure to find your new favourite beer at this event. The festival kicks off on Friday, 5 September, with a celebration of Saint-Arnould, who according to the legend, blessed a barrel of beer and saved the people who drank from it from the plague back in the Middle Ages. The opening is hosted by the Knighthood of the Brewers’ Mashstaff, in Saint Michael and Gudula Cathedral. On Saturday, the traditional Brewers’ parade will take place at Grand Place.

A world leader in beer making

While the French always brag about their wine, Belgians proudly talk about their beer. In Belgium, beer is considered a national drink and brewing the best beer is a prestigious matter for the country’s 180 breweries. It is no wonder that little Belgium seems to dominate the world when it comes to the art of beer making. This probably also explains why Belgians drink 84 litres of this amber nectar on average each year.

Belgian beer types such as Blonde Lager, Lambic Beer, and Flemish Red are all world-renowned and exported to every corner of the globe. If you are to be served a Belgium special beer, you’ll find it often comes in an elaborate branded glass. According to Belgian brewers it’s important to use a correct glass for each specific type and brand in order to improve the flavour.

In many ways you can characterise Belgium beer as a reflection of the countries wide range of different cultures and regions.  Just like the country’s diversity in culture, Belgium beer types are made up of a wide range of different flavours representing each region in the country. If you are going to the festival you can be sure to get a taste of every corner of Belgium.

Staying in the heart of Brussels

During the festive weekend, the event usually closes down each day around 9pm and you will want to be fully rested for a new thrilling day of beer drinking and fun. Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi Hotel, situated in the heart of the city centre, is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoy a good night’s sleep.  When getting ready for a new day at the Belgium Beer Weekend Festival, you should stop by the RBG Bar & Grill and eat a big breakfast that will keep you going for the whole day.
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If you are a beer lover this is a weekend you won’t want to miss out on. What are you waiting for?

400 types of delicious Belgium beer are waiting for you!