Asian-style breakfast in Europe: start your day with a hot bowl of noodles

The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Comparatively, the way to the heart of any and all cultures is through its cuisine. From spicy shakshouka in the Middle East to puffy croissants in France, our hearts and stomachs are full! While we love, and encourage tasting the country you’re in, sometimes the familiar choice is the right choice, which is why our Park Inn by Radisson breakfast is mixing in some cultures on the morning buffet so you can have a little taste of home, or somewhere completely different.

For instance, we have introduced noodles to our buffet and your breakfast experience, so you can enjoy an Asian-style breakfast while in Europe. Dare to surprise your taste buds and try starting your day with a warm bowl of soup and noodles, and a little spice.

Park Inn Solna Noodlese


So many options

We like to think of breakfast as a cultural experience and an opportunity to discover something new before the day really begins. This can be a local fresh taste, a taste of home or a quick trip to somewhere completely different, but we aim to have a little of everything for everyone to make your breakfast truly original and plentiful.

We don’t dictate taste, we want you to have options, but we also want you to be able to add your own personal touch and flavor. So sure, go ahead and sprinkle some herbal garnish on that omelet. Or why not enhance your noodle experience with some extra, eastern spices? Not one breakfast meal ever has to taste the same and only your imagination will sets the limits.

Noodles presentation

Adding color to life and hot water to noodles

Breakfast at Park Inn by Radisson is a feast for the eyes and stomach, and its colorfulness and vibrant flavors are a happiness guarantee all on their own. We invite you to see and taste the world and try new things, as well as reminisce about home from afar.

its noodle time

Bowl of noodles

For some travelers, the taste of noodles and sriracha sauce is a little reminder of home, and for others the idea is exotic and oriental. But at Park Inn, it’s an opportunity to share something a little different with guests. Simply add boiled water and a few sprinkles of spice, and experience becomes a flavor explosion. For any questions regarding our eastern promises, please hit us up on Twitter @parkinn.