#AddingColorToLives mural brings people closer together in Johannesburg

The Youth Center: 5Cees

Park Inn Sandton Hotel, in Johannesburg South Africa supports 5Cees, a local youth center. This youth house provides accommodation, education, counseling and family care to those who are in need.

mural in johannesburg

Most of the youth that come to this center have been referred by social workers based on their difficult circumstances. The majority of children are not performing in school and they have special needs.

If the parents are not able to provide the care that the child needs, they are then referred to 5CEES. There are cases where youth have been in abusive parental care, have been victim of substance abuse, etc. 5CEES is well appreciated in the community because they provide shelter and basic needs. Most importantly, the youth have a greater chance of getting a good education.

mural in johannesburg, youth in front of a mural

Inspiration for the mural

The Mural is inspired by the Youths’ dreams and their “superpowers”. The mural will function as a lifelong memory and commitment to their future ambitions, dreams and aspirations. The youth will always have this reminder of the mural in Johannesburg to look back and think about these ideas.

mural in johannesburg, youth painting a mural

The mural features typical village surroundings, representing the start of all dreams. You can representations of the various African backgrounds of the people throughout the mural.  Other features include city life, future houses & flats, the Big 5 (quite big in South Africa). The various dreams and aspiration of the youngsters are displayed within the enormous amount of clouds that frame the mural.

mural in johannesburg, youth painting a mural

The lady

The Afro is a representation of the youths’ various thoughts and visions for the important things in life, the things dear to them. The objects in the hair are representing what a typical young person is thinking about. The cloud of positively sings out of the mouth of the lady, representing the positive tunes in life.

The mural was designed and created within a time period of one week with support of Park Inn Sandton Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa. A project, such as Adding Color to Lives brings people closer together and has created some very memorable moments for the youth at 5CEES, and also to the employees of the hotel.