A guide to Al Khobar Corniche

The Al Khobar corniche meanders along the Arabian Gulf, with expansive views across the glistening waters. Its wealth of family attractions, pristine parks and tranquil places of worship make this waterfront walkway an especially vibrant part of a bustling and diverse city.


The corniche district begins to the north of the King Fahd Causeway at the start of Corniche Road: a wide, sun-soaked avenue that runs along the coast for a few miles. Stroll along the palm tree-lined walkway and you’ll catch sight of the seafront Al Hariri mosque. The mosque’s ornate, white structure looks stunning against the crystal-clear sunlit gulf during the day, and at night the magnificent arches are illuminated by floodlights.

Out to sea, the three-storey Khobar water tower is one of the most iconic landmarks of the corniche skyline. With a restaurant at the top where diners can enjoy unparalleled views of the city and a host of new attractions being developed around the site, this futuristic tower is well on the way to becoming one of the prime jewels in Al Khobar’s crown.

Parks are the main hallmark of the corniche district, making the area especially attractive to joggers and cyclists. In the daytime, you’ll find families soaking up the sunshine in the pretty landscaped gardens of North Corniche Park, while the evening draws crowds to the seafront. Our Park Inn by Radisson Al Khobar is set just a few streets back from the Park, providing a cozy, convenient retreat once the sun has gone down.

places to visit in Khobar - Al Hariri mosque, mosque’s ornate, white structure with the sky on the background


Al Khobar’s thriving café culture necessitates several coffee houses dotted along the waterfront. Pick up a fresh ‘Antrchino’ at the Antr Café, where locals gather after worship at the Hariri Mosque, or head to Saudi chain Café Liwan for a choice of American or Arabic coffee.

At the south end of Corniche Road, you’ll find an array of local eateries and chains, including Burger Fuel, Piatto, BlueMar and Starbucks. Al-Sanbok restaurant has won a devoted local following with its attentive service, locally-caught seafood and balmy ocean-front setting, allowing guests to breathe in the fresh sea air as they dine.

places to visit in Khobar - the exterior of the BurgerFuel restaurant in Corniche, Al Khobar



Situated right on the waterfront in the corniche district, Scitech Technology Center is a fun, interactive space where kids can learn about science. The museum has extensive exhibits on wildlife, space and technical innovations, as well as an impressive observatory where lectures and seminars are held. Spend the afternoon indulging your curiosity, then head to Scitech’s IMAX Dome to catch a documentary or film on the big screen.

At Saudi Arabia’s flagship Toy Town leisure center, families will find a sprawling, brightly-lit arcade full of kiddie rides and video games, complete with a laser adventure section, fast food restaurant and even a barber shop. For adults and teens, the Secret Room is one of the corniche’s most exhilarating attractions. The game sounds simple in theory, but proves to be incredibly complex in practice. Players are trapped in a room and must escape within 60 minutes, testing their teamwork and strategic skills in a race against time.

places to visit in Khobar - the entrance of the Scitech Technology Center