9 ridiculously delicious Bavarian dishes you need to try

Head to Nuremberg and treat yourself to delicious Bavarian food. Pretzels, cheese, noodles and all things yum are waiting for you; take a bite!

As you bite into your frozen pizza you accidentally let get a bit too crispy, thinking there has to be something better, don’t fret! Just book yourself a ticket to Nuremberg and let Bavarian food blow you away. We’ve picked out some of our favorite dishes to give you a sneak peek to what is in store. Keep reading for recipes and more info.

1. Müncher Weiβwurst (white sausage)

One of the most iconic meals in Bavaria has a hidden superpower, it is the perfect hangover cure. These white sausages are made of a mix of veal, pork and spices. Sweet mustard on the side is not optional and a Hegeweizen beer isn’t either. Welcome to the best breakfast of your life.

bavarian dishes - white sausages with sweet mustard and pretzels.

2. Bavarian Leberkäse (liver meatloaf)

The Bavarian Leberkäse is practically bread where the flour is swapped out for proteins that are, surprisingly, not liver! Beef, pork, lard, water and salt are mixed together to make this dense concoction that is normally eaten on bread. Be sure to try the crispy outer bits are they are the best.

bavarian dishes - fresh leberkaese, typical Bavarian food.

3. Bavarian pretzel

So we all love pretzels. These mammoth, salt encrusted goodies are best served warm but we’ll take them no matter what. Bavarian style pretzels are crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside and best of all, can be the size of a small child. Yum.

bavarian dishes - salter-soft spritzels in a basket.

4. Spaetzle

Noodles may be a serious comfort food that are hard to go past, but the Bavarian style ‘noodles’, Spaetzle, will have you daydreaming. Similar to mac and cheese, these gooey little bundles drowning in cheese will bring you more happiness than you could ever imagine. Want to try them out yourself? Try Adventures in Ankara’s recipe.

bavarian dishes - Southern-German cheese noodles spaetzle, served in a pan.

5. Leberknödelsuppe (Liver dumpling soup)

For those fond of liver, this traditional dumpling soup is a staple served in many Bavarian restaurants. The dumplings are made of liver and flour and can be shaped like Spaetzle or as large balls.

bavarian dishes - liver spaetzle soup, liver noodle soup.

6. Nuremberg Rostbratwurst

Nuremberg has its own special sausage that you need to try. This Bratwurst is pretty high-class in the sausage world, and the recipe is even ‘protected’ to make sure each and every one is up to standard. Don’t go home without trying one (or ten, they are pretty small).

bavarian dishes - fried nuremberg sausages with crispy fried potatoes and bacon.

7. Obazda

Cheese dip as a side to beer is never a bad idea and is hard to beat, but not if you are Bavarian! Obazda is made from aged cheese, a lot of butter, spices and a dash of beer. To top it off, this is normally spread on those enormous pretzels, meaning you are going to get to eat a whole lot of it. Serve it up to your friends next time they are over with What’s4Eats’ recipe.

bavarian dishes - bavarian snack Obazda with cheese, melted camembert with cream and cheese.

8. Bavarian Donut

Anything deep-fried, covered in sugar and stuffed with fruity jam or vanilla cream is going to be good. Bavarian donuts may not be news to you, but have you ever wondered what a real one tastes like? As we have learned with Star Wars™, the original is always better. Can’t wait until you touch down in the land of fantastic food? Try The Old Hen’s recipe.

bavarian dishes - home backed Bavarian doughnuts on a white platter.

9. Semmelknoedel (Bread dumplings)

Got a little extra gravy on your plate? That is where Semmelknoedel comes in. These bread dumplings act as an edible sponge to get every last drop of goodness off your plate. Why use boring bread when you can use bread infused with onion and garlic? A Feast for the Eyes has a recipe to show you how to make them at home.

While these are some of the best Bavarian foods, there are plenty missing from this list! It also goes without saying, that most of these meals require a Bavarian beer on the side to be complete. Park Inn by Radisson Nuremberg invites you to stay with them while discovering the city’s culinary delights (up until you decide to move to Bavaria because their food is just unbeatable).

What is your favorite Bavarian food?

bavarian dishes - bread dumplings served on a white platter garnished with parsley, beacon and a pretzel in the background.


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