9 photos that will make you bonkers about Budapest

Everywhere you look around in Budapest there is a photo opportunity. Here are nine photos to inspire your next city break to the Hungarian capital.

A bustling modern city of two tales: Buda and Pest, history is never far away and is evident in the city’s beautiful architecture such as Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion and Mattias Church. Culture is easily found whether you join the locals for a swim at the thermal springs or shopping at the Grand Market. Here is an introduction to the bewitching Budapest.

1. The Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament is perhaps one of the most spectacular feats of architecture you will ever see. Building began in 1885 and the parliament was inaugurated on the country’s 1000th anniversary. Perhaps the best way to see the full scale of impressive Neo-Gothic building that dominates the city skyline is by boat tour on the River Danube.

Budapest pictures- budapest parliement at sunset from outside., Hungary.

2. Buda and Pest: A divided city

A visit to Budapest wouldn’t be complete without learning the tale of two cities divided by a river: Buda and Pest. Buda was formally on the west bank and is a hilly, residential area, whereas Pest is the hub of the city centre and urban life on the East side of the Danube. From this viewpoint, you’ll have a vista of the meandering river, bridges and city rooftops.

Budapest pictures - Buda and Pest statues in Budapest, Hungary.

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3. Budapest Castle & Old Town

The best way to reach Buda Castle is to take the short funicular ride up to Castle Hill. Your feet will appreciate the rest from sightseeing. Once you reach the top, step into Old Budapest and prepare to be amazed. Start at the castle and wander the 19th century baroque houses, all part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Budapest pictures - the Royal Palace in Budapest , Hungary from outside.

 4. Fisherman’s Bastion

This is perhaps the best viewpoint of the city, providing a fantastic lookout over the Danube, its bridges and Pest, including the Parliament. Fisherman’s Bastion was built in the late 19th century with seven turrets, representing each Hungarian tribe that founded the city in 895. The bastion is named so, as it was protected by the Fisherman’s Guild in the Middle Ages.

Budapest pictures - the Fisherman Bation in Budapest during the day.

5. Matthias Church

This is quite possibly the most beautiful church you will ever lay your eyes on, and it has a lot of competition around the world. The ornate gothic details and the incredible, vibrant tiled roof are found in the heart of the castle complex, and stand out across the city.

Budapest pictures - MAthias church in Budapest, Hungary.

6. Heroes’ Square

Located at the end of Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square was also built to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of Budapest. The Millennium Monument symbolises war and peace, work, welfare, knowledge and glory and is decorated with a number of statues depicting kings, governors and famous Hungarians.

Budapest in pictures - Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary .

7. Thermal Spas

Budapest is a city full of thermal spas and it is worth taking some time out of the bustling city for some relaxation. Szechenyi Medicinal Bath, pictured below, is the largest medicinal bath in Europe and contains 18 pools, ten saunas and steam rooms, as well as a wide menu of massage and treatments.

budapest pictures - the Szechenyi Medicinal Bath during the day in Budapest, Hungary.

8. Hungarian Opera

The Hungarian Opera House is a spectacular sight. The main hall is a blend of rich golden fixtures and scarlet-coloured seating. The centrepiece is the bronze chandelier and a fresco depicting the Greek gods on Olympus. To feel like royalty for a night, book yourself a concert, ballet, opera or musical and enjoy a memorable night at the theatre.

Budapest pictures - the Hungarian Opera house from inside, Budapest.

9. Grand Market Hall

Get a taste for Budapest with the best local fruit, vegetables, meats and salamis, pickles, fish and more, as you stroll the historic Great Market Hall. It has been a central shopping hub since 1897 and today vendors still thrive on the volume of daily business.

Budapest pictures - customers strolling the market stall in Budapest, Hungary.

This is just the start of what Budapest has to offer, from unforgettable architecture, rich history, friendly people and a strong cultural identity. Book your next short business or leisure break here and stay with Park Inn by Radisson Budapest, nearby to transport links to the city centre and major attractions.

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