9 photos that will give you Oman envy

Want to see a snapshot of what Oman has to offer? This Middle Eastern treasure offers unbelievably diverse attractions and landscapes.

These 9 photos will pierce you with wanderlust and put Oman envy at your front of mind. Lay out this incredible country at your fingertips when staying at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Residence Duqm:

1. Scorching sands

See scorching deserts stretch endlessly around you with their unbroken horizons overlapping the blue sky. Make a day trip there and check out some camel races. As the ‘ships of the desert’ pound across the earth, the red sands are flung into the air making for a great spectacle.

Close up camel - Oman images

2. Underwater wonders

Swap blistering dunes for a tropical paradise and head below the waterline. From October to May meet sea turtles, the famous lion fish and impossibly cool sites in the clear depths around Oman. Diving Oman offer mesmerizing trips around all the best spots in the area.

Swimming turtle- Oman images

3. Beaches of gold

Up above the water and onto the beach you will find shorelines decorated with golden sand and imposing rock formations. Head to the beautiful Qantab beach to the south east of Muscat and wade your feet through the water after climbing the rock mountains hugging the ocean.

Beach near Muscat - Oman images

4. Rugged highs and lows

For a more mountainous experience make the trip to Jebel Shams, Oman’s highest peak. If you have a hankering for exquisite landscapes then this is a trip worth taking. The large Wadi Ghul fissure dropping down the side of the mountain is known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia. Go hiking and be sure to bring your camera.

Mountain landscape - Oman images

5. Design to a Tee

Oman is not only home to breathtaking scenery. Plenty of architectural delights await like those at the Jabrin Castle in Ad Dakhiliyah. Grab a free audio guide while visiting to learn about this historical building and pair the day with a trip to Nizwa Fort in the area.

Building with open ceiling - Oman images

6. Sultan style sanctuaries

Delve deeper into history by visiting Khasab Castle and feel like a sultan as you step through perfectly shaped stone doors and walls of seamless masonry. Inside find handicrafts and archaeological collections to ponder.

Khasab castle next to the lake - Oman images

7. Incredible fortifications

Another stunning piece of architecture is the Nakhal Fort in Al Batinah. This structure looks as through it carved itself out of the rocks it stands on and is a sight to behold. Printed across a mountainous backdrop and delicately decorated, this fort is a timeless beauty.

Nakhal Fort in Al Batinah Oman images

8. Awe-inducing architecture

Muscat’s very own Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a mind boggling masterpiece with such intricate details it is hard to fathom its construction. With design pieces such as the world’s second largest carpet woven by 600 women over four years, this is a building that deserves the title ‘grand’.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman images

9. A country’s greatest asset

One of the most fascinating and rewarding things to do when travelling is getting to know the locals. These friendly people always have a smile on their face and are welcoming beyond measure. Stop and say hello as you get washed up in this beautiful country.

Old man sitting - Oman images

Fill your albums with digital daydreams on your next trip to Oman and be sure not to miss any of these highlights. Get in touch with Oman Tourism for travel questions or search their website for ideas on how to spend your time.