7 things you have to experience when in Nuremberg

With its rich history and culture, this vibrant city attracts visitors year round. Whether you’re looking for historic landmarks, museums or dining, Nuremberg has it all.

Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second-largest city with over 500,000 inhabitants. A lot has happened during its 1000 year history, which can be witnessed through its many historical buildings, architecture and museums. In order for you to experience as much as possible when here, we’ve listed 7 must-do’s when in the city.

1. The Old Town of Nuremberg

Divided by the River Pegnitz, there are two parts to the Old Town: a northern part, Sebaider Altstadt, and a southern part, Lorenzer Altstadt. Discover it on foot and you will see highlights such as the Imperial Castle and the Heilig-Geist-Spital, one of the largest Middle Age hospitals. If you’d like a guide through the town you can join a walking tour.

Nuremberg river and bridge old town

2. Nazi Party Rally Grounds 

For those interested in history and especially the events of WWII, Nuremberg was declared as the City of the Nazi Party Rallies in 1933. Today, you can visit the monumental buildings, arenas and roads, including Zeppelinfeld, all constructed as part of the parade grounds. The Documentation Centre gives a chilling insight into the events of that period in time and makes for an emotional visit. It is open to the public Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm, and at 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg

3. Kaiserburg Castle

Representing the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation since the Middle Ages, this historic castle is definitely worth a visit. From 1050 to 1571, this was the home of all German kings and emperors. Today the 351 metre tall structure dominates the skyline as a symbol of the city.

Kaiserburg Castle in Nuremberg Germany

4. Zum Gulden Stern

Nuremberg is famous for its Nürnberger, otherwise knowns as roasted pork sausages, and what better way to try them than at the oldest sausage restaurant in the world, the Zum Gulden Stern. They serve sausages handcrafted by local butchers using traditional ingredients and grilled over a beech wood fire. The restaurant is open daily from 11am to 10pm.

Nürnberger sausages

5. Frauenkirche 

Also known as the Church of our Lady, the Roman Gothic Frauenkirche dates back to 1352 and was constructed as an imperial royal chapel. Today it stands on the main market as a characteristic symbol. Above the entrance, you can see a beautiful old clock with mechanical figures, called the Männleinlaufen, which starts playing at noon every day. With its beautiful architecture and the clocks timbre, this is definitely something not to miss!

Frauenkirche Velirina

6. Albrecht Dürer’s House

One of the most famous attractions in Nuremberg is Albrecht Dürer’s House. He was a great artist of the German Renaissance, and lived in this house from 1509 to 1528. It is now a museum, presenting all facets of his life and work. For an exciting tour, you will be guided through the house by Dürer’s wife, Agnes (an actress of course), to gain insight into life 500 years ago.

Albrecht Dürers House

7. National Germanic Museum

Dig deep into Germany’s history, art and culture at one of Europe’s largest museums. It houses the largest German art and culture collection in the country, including over 1.2 million artifacts showcasing regional art history. The museum was originally founded in 1852, but was severely destroyed during WW II, hence today’s modern structure.

National Germanic Museum

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