6 ways to feel an adrenaline rush in Dubai

Dubai has everything you need to feel the adrenaline course through your veins. Get your next refill of excitement in the pulsating city or in the exhilarating dunes outside.

Whether you have a craving to hear the roar of an untamed beast of a car, discovering the dunes of the city or skiing down unique slopes, Dubai has got it all. And even a little more, just to make you feel alive.

1. Adventures on the asphalt

With its 12-lane highways and high speed limits, Dubai is the perfect opportunity to let the petrol-head in you out. Dreaming of putting the pedal to the metal in a Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider? Parklane Car Rental have got them both, and many more. Fridays are a great opportunity for an asphalt adventure, as they are a holiday in the city. What better way to spend the day, than cruising down an empty road in a supercar?

The answer is, having it outside your window! Did you know the Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City is directly beside the Motor City Race Track? You can be the first one there, or even watch the action from your window.

Dubai global village - The luxury sport car is on the Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence on September 12, 2013 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the city of artificial channel length of 3 kilometers along the Persian Gulf.

2. Scorching skis

You might think that the last place on earth that has the climate for snow would be Dubai, but they actually have Ski Dubai, a massive park that holds 3,000 square meters of snowy goodness. The cool, air-conditioned facility feels just like a skislope, and is a unique experience. Stick on your snow boots and enjoy Twin Track bobsled runs, several ski slopes or meet the penguins. And if you’ve never tried skiing before, you can give it a go at the ski school. After all, how cool would it be to say you went skiing in Dubai?

3. Safari in the sand

When you’re surrounded by sand there really is only one thing to do – explore it! With Desert Safari Dubai you’ll be taken out into the dunes in 4X4 vehicles with experienced drivers behind the wheel. During the safari you’ll also be treated to a variety of experiences. Watch the sun set, experience belly dancing or challenge the dunes with a quad bike. All with a complimentary buffet barbeque dinner. Fill up on both adrenaline and food in this exciting adventure.

Dubai global village- Dubai desert trip in off-road car is major tourists attraction in Dubai on September 12, 2013 in Dubai, UAE

4. Eagle eye extravaganza

Dubai and its many skyscrapers and other magicial man-made monuments are best experienced from the air. And nothing gives you maneuverability and an eagle-eye view like a helicopter. Join HeliDubai on one of their tours, taking you to see the Burj Al Arab and The World, the many islands that make up a map of the world. An experienced crew and breathtaking views make it all a flight to remember.

5. Delightful diving

Delve into the depths with Divers Down and experience what amazing life is found beneath the sea in Dubai. Either you’re a first-timer wanting to test the watertry, or an experienced diver looking for someone to show you the way to great dive spots, this is for you. Al Boom Diving also offer various diving courses and can take you into the ten million liter tank at the Dubai Aquarium. A surefire way to get a glance at many different kinds of exotic fish.

Dubai global village - Divers Down, scuba diving in Dubai

                                                                                                                                                          © DiversDown

6. Altitudes and adrenaline

Defy all logic and jump out of a plane with Skydive Dubai, and soar towards the ground overlooking the world famous The Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina. The view of this amazing city is sure to take your breath away, if the rush of adrenaline doesn’t do it first. With an experienced instructor and top-notch equipment your safety is the center of attention during the jump. If one jump leaves you wanting more, they also offer training facilities. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be skydiving on your own.

If you feel the need for speed or a desire to dive, the perfect place to relax after an adrenaline-filled adventure is Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City. After all, every thrill seeker needs a spacious, conveniently located basecamp.