5 Turkish restaurants you can’t miss when in Istanbul

Looking for restaurants in Istanbul? Try the tastiest Turkish and Ottoman style food at these five dining spots. Baklava, kebabs and all kinds of Turkish delights await you. Check them out!

1. Old Ottoman Restaurant

This tiny gem of a restaurant will have you wanting for nothing after a tantalising meal Turkish style. The décor, music and service will have you feeling you were dining as an emperor during the Ottoman Empire. Fresh seasonal food colours every plate at Old Ottoman with some meals even being served in the traditional clay pots. Have a desert and a tea afterwards and just soak it up. You are sure enjoy every morsel of the experience.

2. Olive Anatolian Restaurant

As the name suggests, olives play an important role in the kitchen of Olive Anatolian Restaurant and here you will find excellent cuisine based on the fruit. Within this perfectly situated restaurant, you can dig into delicious Turkish and Ottoman style food with a view out over the city. Admire the Hagia Sophia through the windows, as you are filled with unforgettable flavours. Be sure to try one of their amazing deserts, you won’t taste better baklava anywhere else.

Restaurants in Istanbul - Olive Anatolian restaurant in Istanbul,Turkey with view over the city at night

© Olive Anatolian Restaurant

3. Harem Istanbul Café & Restaurant

For impeccable service and food that will surprise and delight, book a table at Harem Istanbul Café & Restaurant. The chefs will prepare your food, as though you were an Ottoman Sultan, making your taste buds feel royal. There are over 11,000 restaurants in Istanbul and Harem rates in the top ten on Tripadvisor, meaning you don’t want to miss out on evening here.

Restaurants in Istanbul - Harmen Cafe an Restaurant, dunner on a table.

© remypitts/tripadvisor

4. Constantine’s Ark

If you are on the hunt for quality food and an experience to match, then Constantine’s Ark welcomes you in. This is the type of restaurant that has people coming back even when they have only a few nights in Istanbul. Beef fish, lamb skewers and all your favourite Turkish dishes are on the menu and your meal promises to be just as tasty as it is colourful.

Restaurants i Istanbul - Turkish restaurant, ark disk in silver platter

© Jacqueline van Munster

5. Street side Kebabs

People are going to ask you how the kebabs were on your trip to Turkey, so you need to make sure you try them before you leave. Döner kebabs are everywhere and you can be assured that the meat is in fact layered chicken, lamb or beef (not just squished bits of ‘meat’ put in a mould like you may be used to at home). Try out Ayen Kebap in the Fatih district. This is said to be one of the best kebab stores in the whole city.

Restaurants in Istanbul - kebab store on the street with fresh sandwiches and a meat roll

After you have tasted the best the city has to offer, head back to your comfortable and convenient accommodation at Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Atasehir in the modern Atasehir district, or Park Inn by Radisson Ataturk Airport. If you would like the choice of excellent Turkish and international food then you don’t even need to leave the hotel. RBG Bar and Grill has all the food you are itching to try in Istanbul as well as classic burgers, steaks and more.