4 Things you must see and do when in Dammam

Visit Saudi Arabia’s fifth largest city for a sensational adventure. In a wonderful blend of rich history and rapid development, experience the best of both worlds. Check out the list of 4 things you need to see and do when in Dammam.

A special dining experience at The Heritage Village

The high rising fortress of Heritage Village catches your eye when exploring the city of Dammam. It is home to a large amount of artifacts and historical items collected by Mr. Saad AlBalahi and carefully placed in the five-story fortress. Walk along the halls and into the impressive rooms filled with interesting remains from the Arabic culture such as old photographs, royal jewelry, ancient weapons and incredible interior design. You will be welcomed in the entrance hall by traditionally clothed servers who will give you a taste of delicious, strong black coffee. Remember to shake you cup three times when you’ve had enough, or the coffee will keep on coming.

See and do in Dammam -emeni janbiya, traditional Yemen dagger

The main event of this visit is definitely the dinner. Take a seat in one of the many rooms and halls where delicious food is served. Food suddenly appears in abundance and fills the entire table. There is really something for everyone, with chicken, cheese, beef, veggies, samosas, lobna (yoghurt), hummus, fish and much more. This is certainly a meal to remember, with an interesting blend of flavors and textures in ornately decorated rooms and great halls.

See and do in Dammam - Arab rice, Ramadan food in middle east usually served with tandoor lamb. Middle eastern food.

Family fun at the King Fahd Park

Relax and enjoy a day of fun in what is said to be the largest park in Saudi Arabia. The attractions spans over 1,120 million square meters and is a perfect mixture of green grass, trees, lakes and an amusement park. Keep your eyes towards the sky for a look at the large bird population! After relaxing in the park it’s time for some adrenalin-inducing rides in the large amusement park. You can choose from (or do all) of the 25 rides, including the most popular one, the Cobra ride.

See and do i Dammam - Amusement park

Explore the Share Al-Hob Souk (Love market)

Walk along the streets and explore the booths filled to the bursting at the seams with clothing, jewelry and delicious food. Take a deep breath when entering and smell the fresh spices. Take your time and see the variety of fresh produce; you are guaranteed to learn something new and maybe get a new tasty experience. This is a great place to find souvenirs or the ingredients for your next homemade meal. Whether you are browsing or just sight-seeing you will be flabbergasted with all of the beautiful colors and ornate decorations that bejewel both shops and buildings.

See and do in Dammam - Arabian shoes

Enjoy the beach life

The city of Dammam is the place to visit for a relaxing beach vacation with several sandy spots worth a visit. Coral Island is the first beach developed as a place for tourists to relax. The sand-covered island is famous for being a great spot for fishing and for its lighthouse, which is a great place to visit at night where you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view.

The Half Moon Bay is the most popular beach in the area with pristine, white sand. The half-circled bay is known for being clean and well-kept as the government has invested in resources to keep it clean and tidy. Divers can enjoy the artificial reef, where there is an abundance of aquatic life to explore. If you prefer activities above sea level, there is also an amusement park near the beach, which provides a fun break from the sun and sand.

See and do in Dammam - Coast of Persian Gulf in Saudi Arabia


Dammam provides the perfect mixture of adrenaline-inducing activities, long days at the beach, fine dining and busy souks. Stay close to the attractions and the sea at the newly refurbished Park Inn by Radisson Dammam.