2017 Gulf Railway: Connecting Duqm by Train & Beyond

A small fishing village on the Arabian Sea, Duqm is poised to take centre stage in the region in the next few years. The opportunities offered by the upcoming Gulf Railway will further cement this town’s reputation as a city on the up.

The coastal city of Ad Duqm in the Sultanate of Oman is a place on the cusp of the future. It will soon be linked to many major cities thanks to the 2017 Gulf Railway. Visitors to Duqm can enjoy beach access, a pool and delicious food in the comfortable chalets and apartments of the unique Park inn by Radisson Hotel & Residence Duqm.

The Story Of Duqm

Currently a small fishing town and permanent home to around 6,000 people, Duqm is a rare place to visit in Oman. It has an unspoilt desert, beautiful quiet beaches, ancient ruins, and a prized Rock Garden.
Duqm is set to be the next international success story for business, like Dubai. By 2020 the city aims to have a population over 100,000 people, and looks set to achieve this goal.

The town is being transformed into a major hub for industry and business. The Ad Duqm Airport is just 50 kilometres from the town, and will bring new business and tourists to the area. The city of Duqm will grow to include a residential and commercial town, oil refinery, tourism area, free trade zone, and excellent health and education facilities.

It will also advance with an extensive road network, development of the port and a dry dock, and outstanding railway connections.

2017 Gulf Railway

In 2017 Duqm and the Sultanate of Oman will benefit from an exceptional new railway project.
The Gulf Railway is an enormous undertaking which plans to connect the six Arab Gulf Co-operation Council member states of the Persian Gulf – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

In all it aims to be an extraordinary 2,116 kilometre railway network, with high speed (200 kilometre per hour) diesel trains in operation. The majority of the lines are due to be completed on the Gulf Railway in 2017.

The Oman rail network for the Gulf Railway is set to be rolled out in three distinct phases. Firstly, Sohar will be connected to Muscat with a 230 kilometre route, then Muscat to Duqm with a 560 kilometre line. Finally, Duqm will be linked to southern Salalah.

Links To The Future

For Duqm, the 2017 Gulf Railway will provide connections for business travellers, tourists, and locals alike. It will help propel the city towards its goals for the future, and transform it into a hub in the region.

On the Gulf Railway you will easily be able to reach Muscat from Duqm while enjoying the incredible scenery of the Oman desert.

People will be able to speed through changing landscapes from Duqm to Dubai or Abu Dhabi in a matter of a few hours, without the stress of air travel. Business links will even be opened up between Duqm and far off cities like Kuwait and Jeddah.