When you find out one of your mates is getting married what’s your first thought? Of course congratulations should be top of the list but if the potential for a stag do isn’t a close second then something’s wrong.

The stag is an essential part of seeing your groom off into a life of wedded bliss, which is why a lot of people go to great lengths to have a good time. The cities of Eastern Europe have been popular locations for big stag trips for years now and amongst them all Sofia is one of the best.

We’ve put together a guide to making the most out of a stag trip to Sofia. There’s plenty to see and do so have a look and start planning for a holiday of a lifetime.

Taking your fun seriously

So a friend is getting married and Sofia is the destination of choice for the all-important stag do. It’s no surprise – the Bulgarian capital has all the ingredients required to have a cracking trip away with the lads.

But before we get to the fun stuff, let’s have a look at some of the practical things you need to think about. Even though a stag do should be about cutting loose and having a good time with your best mates, if you want to really have some fun you need to lay the groundwork for your holiday in Sofia before you get on the plane.

First off, a little bit of background about Sofia itself. The Bulgarian capital is an ancient city with a history that stretches back around 2,500 years. As well as being old, it’s a beautiful place full of medieval churches, historic streets and stunning architecture. Even though a stag trip isn’t the best time to enjoy these things it definitely doesn’t hurt to party in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Back to the practical matters, Sofia has cold, snowy winters and really hot summers so pick your visiting time wisely. As far as travelling to the city goes, Sofia Airport is the main international hub and the place you are likely to fly in to. It’s not far from the city and there are plenty of buses, shuttles and taxis to take you to and from the centre of town.

When you get into town you’ll want to find a hotel in Sofia that’s central, comfortable and can be the perfect place to get the head down after a big day and night in the city. Our Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Sofia is one of the best hotels for stag parties as it ticks all those boxes.

And after you’ve checked in, what can you look forward to on your Bulgarian away day? Let’s find out…

Action-packed days

There are a ton of companies out there that can help you fill your days with cracking activities, and you’ll see pretty quickly that your stag party is going to be spoilt for choice during your stay. Here’s a quick overview of some of the main activities you can find – it’s a heady mix of old favourites and things you might struggle to find elsewhere:

·         The classics: Some things go with stag dos like fish goes with chips and many of them are all available on your trip to Sofia. Taking to the track is one of the most popular of these and if you’ve got a need for speed then you’ll be well taken for on your trip. Sofia caters for all sorts of petrol-fuelled fun, from go-karting to off-road buggies.

·         Something a little different: As well as the staples, Sofia has a few more unusual options for your trip. Zorbing is one of the latest hot stag do activities and it’s obvious why. Nothing gets the adrenaline going like throwing yourself down a grassy hill slope in an inflated plastic ball. Just don’t try it if you’re hung-over! If you’d prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground then going to one of Bulgaria’s many gun ranges might be more up your shooting alley. You can get tuition in shooting anything from pistols to rifles before testing your aim on a selection of targets. After finishing up on the range you’ll be ready to discover the Sofia nightlife.

Crazy nights

When your day is over you’ll definitely have worked up an appetite – and a thirst. Arguably this is when Sofia really comes into its own.

The Bulgarian capital has got some fantastic wining and dining which is great for most visitors. However, what’s better for you and your stag do is that Sofia is even more fantastic for pizzas and beers! When you’re planning your evening, here are a few tips and highlights:

·         Fuelling up for the night: The centre of Sofia is packed with restaurants, bistros and pubs which do great food. If you like the idea of a meaty feast you can’t go far wrong at Boom! Burgers & Steaks. Or if Pizza is more your thing then the tasty selection at the Pizzeria Classic in the heart of the city can provide you with the food you want – all to be washed down with beer of course. Which brings us to the next stage of your stag do evening.

·         Hitting the bars: After you’ve had some food you’ll be ready to get down to the serious business of the night – hitting the local hostelries for a taste of Sofia’s drinking scene. As you take a stroll through the centre of town you’ll quickly realise that you’re be spoilt for choice. There’s practically a bar on every corner in Sofia and they all come alive as evening falls. From Irish pubs to atmospheric Bulgarian bars, it’s like the best beer soaked pic ‘n’ mix around. For the most vibrant venues head to Vitosha Blvd or the area near Sofia University.

·         Into the wee hours: This is the part of any stag trip that most people look forward to most – which is funny because after the trip is over it’s the part that a lot of people can’t remember! However, as your stag night goes on you know it could go a few ways. For clubbing and dancing there are plenty of great spots throughout the town and Bulgaria’s liberal licensing laws will let you drink and dance all through the night.


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