Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat: the ultimate Tomorrowland guide

Looking for a festival experience like no other? Then Belgium’s world-famous Tomorrowland festival is where you need to be.

Chances are you’ve heard of the dance, electronic, techno and house music-extravaganza that is Tomorrowland. Since 2005 the festival has attracted music lovers to the small Belgian town of Boom, about 40 kilometres from our Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi Hotel, where hundreds of thousands of party lovers will gather from July 22 to 24. Read on to learn what you need to know to worship the DJ-gods of Europe and take part in the out of this world festival.

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How to get tickets

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The first thing you need to know is how to get tickets and this is where you might need a small portion of luck on your side. You’ll have to pre-register in order to be able to purchase these much sought-after entrance passes and then wait until they come on sale, usually in February the year of the festival. But this is where you’ll need good timing as well as some luck – the passes for 2015’s Tomorrowland sold out in one second. Yes, you read that right – one second was all it took for the festival to be sold out.

But if you’re one of the lucky thousands to have a ticket in hand, you’re in for a blast. 2014 saw a record-breaking 400,000 people at the festival and with that many party people gathered in the name of music you can’t possibly go wrong. The 2016 edition of the festival is sold out but thankfully there’s always next year.

Dancing the night away

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You’re in, you’re friends are with you and there’s an electric feel in the air. What to do next? Dancing of course! Tomorrowland’s line up never ceases to amaze and delivers nothing but the best of the best DJ’s around, spread across several stages. The main stage is where you’ll find the biggest names and the massive pit in front of it is where the biggest parties are at.

But don’t forget to check out the other venues as well. With lots of different stages and different artists performing you won’t be lacking anything in terms of music. In fact it’s quite the opposite, there’s no way you can see them all. What you’ll get however, is a great atmosphere anywhere you go.

The line up

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Tomorrowland’s first edition had names like Armin van Buuren, Yves Deruyter, David Guetta and Push (M.I.K.E) on the roster. Since then the festival has reached new heights every year. Armin van Buuren and David Guetta are still going strong and will be playing at the festival, alongside countless others. For example, you could see Tiësto, Galantis, DVBBS and Alesso on the main stage – and that’s just one stage during day one!

Check out the entire line up here and see for yourself why this is the world’s #1 festival.

What to bring

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So, it’s time to get packing for the big event. First off you’re going to want to bring your home country’s flag to represent your home. This is the go-to party accessory at the festival and you won’t be alone in donning a flag as a cape or just waving it in the air – just watch the aftermovie at the bottom of the post!

Ear plugs to protect your ears will be another must-have. After all, you wouldn’t want to damage your ears whilst dancing to the latest Aoki beats would you? Even though it’s summer the Belgian gods of weather can be moody, so have a backup rain poncho or coat just in case. Either way you’re destined to have a great time, come rain or shine.

Stepping into the world of tomorrow

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Once you’ve received your personal ticket, in the shape of a wristband, you can make your way to Belgium. Most people fly into Brussels Airport or arrive by train to Gare du Midi, and getting to the festival is a breeze. There are designated shuttles that will take you to the city and right to the heart of Tomorrowland. If you’re arriving from other cities check out the festival’s own getting there guide. Once you’re in there’s only one thing to do: get dancing.

What to do

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Even heroes need a break and thankfully Tomorrowland provides a ton of entertainment for when you need to recharge your dancing batteries. You can rent a book, kick back and relax in the shade, grab a meal in one of the countless restaurants or rent boats to paddle on the many lakes in the festival areas. Or just watch the professional dancers doing what they do best, it’s quite impressive. There’s also the Church of Love where you can bring your loved one for some personal time. In short: whatever you need Tomorrowland has you covered.

But there’s two things you should remember when you’re at the festival area. First, don’t do anything illegal- it will get you kicked out of the festival. Second, don’t mess with the art installations. Tomorrowland is like a world out of a Tim Burton movie and they take immense pride in the fairytale look of the festival. Tampering with any of the art will get you escorted off grounds. And that would be quite the bummer.

The aftermath

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All good things must come to an end and unfortunately Tomorrowland is no exception. When Monday hits you in the face like a brick and it’s time to go home you can rest assured that you can relive the moments of this glorious weekend. Every year they release an official aftermovie which truly encapsulates the essence of the festival and is sure to make you want to come back. They say there’s no place like home but there certainly is no place like Tomorrowland. See you there!

All images © Sebastien Camelot, CC-BY-ND-ND 2.0