6 photos that will open your eyes to magnificent Leuven

Check out these six photos of the architecture in Leuven. Like dessert for your eyes, this Belgian city is full of delicious buildings and sites. Come and walk with us!

Ever wondered what happens when a city is built with attention to every single detail? Leuven is a perfect example of a beautifully designed old European city. Take a virtual walk through the streets with these six exquisite photos that are sure to give you itchy feet.

1. Gothic wonders at Town Hall


market place with gothis old town hall at back in Leuven, Beligum© Renata Sedmakova/ Shutterstock.com

Right in the center of the city, your view is filled with an incredibly complex gothic building, the Town Hall. This funky and freaky building also goes by the name Stadhuis, and is something you shouldn’t (and frankly cannot) miss when touring around the city. There are over 200 statues decorating the hall meaning you can stare at it for hours and still find something new.

2. Flower beds and sculptures at Kruidtuin

Kruidtuin botanical garden in Leuven, Beligum

© Visit Leuven/Tourism Leuven

There are plenty of green parks across Leuven, but if you only visit one then be sure to walk through Kruidtuin. The gardens may not be architecture in the common sense but design-lovers will be thrilled at the careful layout and beautiful mix of height, color and sculptures. It is the oldest botanical garden in Belgium and is often used by students for a sunny study space. See Visit Leuven’s website for more information.

3. Have a drink at the Old Market Square

Old market square at night with christmas trees in Leuven, Beligum

As one of the oldest and most historic areas in Leuven, the Old Market Square is lined with architecturally astounding buildings and is a delight to explore. Have lunch at Oude Markt and say you have had a drink at ‘the longest bar in the world’. Check out the fascinating structures in the area and if visiting at Christmas and make sure you see the lights illuminating the square and the windows around it.

4. Visit this neo-gothic castle

Arenberg Castle in Leuven in the summer time, Beligum

Just outside the city, you can step into another gothic wonder, the Arenberg Castle. Built in the 14th century and renovated in the 19th century, the castle is in perfect form and is being used by the University of Leuven. You can call ahead and ask for a tour inside, otherwise just enjoy the view from the surrounding park.

5. Hear the Library Bells ring

University library lit up at night in Leuven, Beligum

Perhaps one of the most eye-opening buildings in all of Leuven, the University Library is a place full of inspiration that truly inspires. The structure is dusted in design from entrance to exit and offers incredible views from its bell tower. Head up top, take some snapshots and let the silence inside speak to you.

6. Explore the Grand Béguinage

Bikes parked at Grand Beguinage in Leuven, Beligum

Feeling a little adventurous? Wander through age-old houses bound to cobble stone streets in the UNESCO Heritage Great Béguinage. This area of the city is from the 13th century and is filled with convents and old accommodation for beguines. Now the houses are home to students and professors from the university and they welcome you to walk the streets and absorb the timeless atmosphere.

If you aren’t much of a walker or want to see the city on two wheels then we recommend you get in touch with Leuven Leisure and take their bikes around the sites. This tour company has a number of great touring options that will make sure you see the city your own way. Steps away from the city and 15 minutes’ walk from Leuven Leisure, there is a stylish room waiting for you at Park Inn by Radisson Leuven, where you’ll sleep comfortably and close to the historic city.

Top image: © Botond Horvath / Shutterstock.com